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Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services in Lafayette, LA

Who wants to miss the love and care of mother nature? Indeed, no one does. In this day and age, when life is super fast and inorganic, nobody wants to miss any chance that connects themselves to nature’s freshness. LawnScape ensures you get your share of the love of mother nature in the form of a thriving and lush green lawn.

For us, your lawn is beyond an ornamental place of your home. It is something that extends the comfort of your home beyond the four walls and brings you closer to nature.


Who is LawnScape?

LawnScape is your local lawn care and landscaping company mastering the art of maintaining a healthy, blooming lawn with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Our trained and certified professionals utilize state-of-the-art technology, and weed control products to deliver and maintain your lawn to the highest state of perfection.

Our years of experience in the lawn care industry and a unique approach to lawn maintenance backed by the trust of thousands of customers make us the leader of lawn care companies near you in LA. We ensure your lawn gets care, shrubs and trees are trimmed and pruned perfectly, and the ground is debris-free.

We deliver you a well-maintained lawn with a visually appealing landscape like no one else does. Our excellent customer services and knowledgeable staff are always ready to serve you. Do you want to experience the most promising lawn care service in Lafayette, LA, and areas nearby? Call LawnScape and schedule your appointment today.

What do We Offer in Lawn Care Services?

LawnScape does its best to keep your outdoor esthetics intact and bring the maximum of it. Our professional lawn care services include;

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call us (337)-258-1727

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Residential Lawn Maintenance

We provide lawn care and maintenance services to the following residential buildings;

Spring/ Fall Cleanup

Apart from providing regular lawn care facilities, LawnScape offers seasonal lawn maintenance services such as debris cleanup, weeding, leaf raking and disposal, and reseeding or re-turfing.

Core Aeration

LawnScape’s core aeration program ensures that your lawn and plants get maximum nutrients, air, and water so that they stay healthy and thrive fully. We use professional-grade products and equipment to perforate the soil for easy and deep penetration of plant roots, resulting in plants’ vigorous growth.

Are you ready to enjoy a gorgeous Lawn Care Services in Lafayette without the stress?