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Is your outdoor missing the attention that it deserves? Do you want quick and reliable landscaping services at an affordable price? Are you searching for a landscaping company that incorporates your ideas into its professional expertise and elevates your property’s visual appeal? 

LawnScape provides premium landscaping and lawn care services in Lafayette, LA, and areas nearby with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Let’s get you a free quote and compare our top-quality services at budget-friendly rates.

The Most Reliable Landscaping Company in Lafayette, LA

Landscaping Design Services For Homes in Lafayette and Surrounding Areas

LawnScape understands your specialized needs and unique ideas; hence, we offer customized landscaping services that seamlessly transform your ideas into reality. 

We acknowledge the trust of customers like you and go above and beyond to deliver exactly what you want. Our trained and certified professionals are specialized in unique landscaping ideas, highlighting the features of every aspect of your outdoor and enhancing the curb appeal of your property. We offer a full range of landscaping services, which include;

  • Planting
    LawnScape provides you with outstanding planting services. We suggest the right kind of plants that suit your needs.
  • Sodding
    Sod installation is the quickest way to get a lush green and thriving lawn. We install the best quality sod into your yard and maintain it to perfection. 
  • Ornamental Trees & Shrubs
    We plant and take care of ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • Nutrient Management with Fertilizers
    Treating the soil with fertilizers is the best practice to fulfill the nutrient needs of your flowerbeds.
  • Weed Removal
    Weeds are the competitors of desired plants in your lawn. They not only compromise the aesthetics of your lawn but also interfere with the growth of the selected plants. LawnScape weed removal services make your lawn weed-free.
  • Small Tree Trimming
    With our outstanding tree trimming services, we maintain the shape and symmetry of the trees’ landscape with the highest precision.

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  • Mulch Installation
    Mulch prevents water evaporation and hence saves your plants from drying up. Moreover, organic mulch adds nutrients into the soil during the decay process and beautifies the plant bed. We offer top-quality organic and colorful mulch installation with complete satisfaction.
  • Tree Planting
    We plant fruit and ornamental trees into your lawn and ensure their health and maintenance.
  • Landscape Design and Installation
    LawnScape is the leader of landscaping companies near you in providing marvelous landscaping designs and expert installation services. We have unique and outstanding landscaping ideas that take your property value to the next level.
  • Pruning
    In pruning, we remove the part of a plant that is damaged or visually not appealing. Hence it enhances fruit and flower production and keeps your lawn blooming.
  • Horticulture Maintenance
    LawnScape offers a complete range of horticulture maintenance services. Our skilled horticulturists ensure your landscape is maintained to the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.
  • Seasonal/Color & Flowers
    We offer seasonal color scape and flower arrangements to revitalize your landscape in the context of all seasons.
  • Hedge Trimming
    Our excellent hedge trimming services keep the shapes and symmetry of your lawn intact all around the year.
  • Debris Cleanups
    LawnScape offers high-quality debris cleanup to keep your landscape tidy and fresh.
  • Annual Installations
    Our perennial and annual installation services keep your lawn updated through all the seasons. We help your lawn’s smooth transition through winter, spring, summer, and autumn without compromising the beauty.

Why Choose LawnScape for Landscaping Services in Lafayette, LA

You don’t need to search for the best landscaping near me anymore. LawnScape is the most dependable landscaping company in LA. We are a licensed, insured, and a bonded company backed by the trust of thousands of customers with their encouraging feedback. Our dedicated, skilled, and certified staff is always ready to serve you to your complete satisfaction.

Our excellent customer care services, ultra-modern technology, and expertise in the field make us stand out among all the other landscaping companies near you. Wanna Try our unparalleled commercial and residential landscaping services? Pick up your phone, schedule your appointment, and start experiencing the best landscaping services in LA.

Are you ready to enjoy a gorgeous Landscape in Lafayette without the stress?